The Telecommunications Universal Service Management Agency (TUSMA) is responsible for entering into, and managing contracts or grants, to ensure:

  • all Australians have reasonable access to a standard telephone service
  • payphones are reasonably accessible to all Australians
  • the ongoing delivery of the Emergency Call Service (calls to Triple Zero (000) and ‘112’)
  • the ongoing delivery of the National Relay Service
  • continued availability of untimed local calls for customers outside standard zones, and
  • appropriate safety net arrangements are in place to support the continuity of supply of carriage services during transition to the National Broadband Network.

Voice-only migration arrangements

TUSMA has arrangements in place to ensure that voice-only customers receive information and assistance to migrate their telephone service to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

More information on these arrangements is available from the link below:

What's new?

New services are now available as part of the National Relay Service (NRS) that will provide people who are deaf, hearing and speech impaired with improved ways to make and receive telephone calls.

More information about the new services is available from the link below:

Further information

For further information or enquiries relating to TUSMA, please email